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End User License Agreement

This certifies that the user shall comply with the procedures in using the ticket reservation/purchase system of SURESEATS.

Upon registration of the user at SURESEATS, the user is given the privilege to reserve and purchase tickets for movies showing at Ayala Malls Cinemas. There will be a Reservation Fee of P20.00 per ticket claimed (non-M-Pass cardholders). However, if the user in anyway abuses this privilege, he or she will be denied future reservation / purchasing rights.

Users can have up to two (2) transactions, with a maximum of ten (10) seats each and must complete or cancel one of these before making a new set.

If the user reserves and fails to claim reserved seats on one (1) occasion, user will be locked out from the SURESEATS system. To reclaim the privilege to reserve, the user must:

Go to the SureSeats Counter and pay the fine/re-activation fee equivalent to the reservation fee of the forfeited transaction.


Purchase and load M-Pass credits (PhP 200.00 minimum), where the fine/re-activation fee will be deducted thereafter.

Only after loading the M-Pass code will the user be allowed to access the system again and have the privilege of reserving/purchasing tickets.